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    Tuesday, March 19, 2013

    Cook the Book: 'Try This at Home' by Richard Blais

    "Think of it as a Richard Blais greatest hits album. It's a substantial cookbook with a balanced array of recipes from easy and simple roasts to complex, multifaceted and molecular plates."

    Monday, March 11, 2013

    Top your pancakes with warm maple syrup and coffee butter

    It's always awesome to be featured in a magazine I read regularly: Runners' World

    Burger Lab Channel on YouTube

    Check out Richard Blais's Tasted Channel "Burger Lab". Each week brings you a new burger recipe and step-by-step instruction from Richard.

    Recently seen on Burger Lab: Bottoms-Up St. Patrick's Day Patty Melt

    Political career starts NOW

    I was on Starting Point on CNN… Political career starts NOW

    Today Show and the new book!

    Check out this clip from the Today Show! I demonstrated some recipes from my new cookbook, Try This at Home: Recipes From my Head to your Plate

    Tasty Cotton 2013 styles

    Tasty Cotton is launching new styles for 2013. Check out "The Juicy Lucy", "We Can Pickle That" and many more. Visit for the full line of shirts available. Make sure while you're there to visit the "Blais" line of shirts and get your own using the promo code BLAIS10

    First look at the cookbook

    A great first-look piece on my cookbook on
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